Great Edinburgh 10km

Great Edinburgh 10km

Congratulations to our 2012 Great Edinburgh 10km runners

Well done team for all completing the Edinburgh Run in under the hour.

Sunday 7th October 2012, was the 21st birthday of James Anthony Barney. What a beautiful bright sunny day for the run I was so excited, my first ever pro 10km!. Everyone was in great spirit and the atmosphere was electric. There was thousands of people there to run the race and a great crowd of supporters including Dannielle, Roxi and Joseph wishing everyone luck and cheering people on. I drank all my water and energy drinks early in the morning as I was told not to drink an hour and a half before the race so as not to need any pit stops!

Tony, Oliver, Ryan and Chris had all got themselves in the white wave and were close to the start line ready for the first run off, they had all got there own little challenge going on who was going to be the first one over the finish line, it was close calling between all four of them!!!! Up on the platform Mr Motivator was leading us all through our warm ups as we all waited in line ready for the start in Holyrood Park, 10 minutes later the white wave and the boys all took off, I was in the pink wave and started 20 minutes after them. 

At the very start it was a slow incline for nearly the first 2km enough to finish you before you started! I was struggling already. I was already thinking to myself there’s no way I will be able to complete this, I knew I hadn’t trained enough, my legs were burning and my thigh muscles felt like they were made of lead, my mouth was drying up and I felt dehydrated, but I willed myself on telling myself I cant give up that easy everyone else has carried on and I hadn’t seen any of the boys so they to must have gone on. 

Then I remembered I had a few jelly babies in my pouch, YES!!! which I had read give you a little energy to keep you going when you were tired, so I popped one in and started to chew, oh no! my mouth was so dry it just stuck to my cheeks and tongue and I couldn’t swallow it so I had to spit it out and carry on. I wouldn’t be trying that one again.

Downhill came finally at 3 to 4 and this was great for me as it loosened my legs up and i managed to speed up, the crowd also give you so much support as you are going round clapping and cheering you on encouraging everyone. 

There was more uphill again but i was feeling much better now and had reached the 5km point, I had not ran any further than this during my short training time so I was thrilled to have made it here and still feel like i had juice in the tank to carry on. 5 to 6 was uphill again but i was in high spirit now and warmed up and had on my mind that if i can take advantage of my second wind i might catch up the some of the boys! 

The run was now through the beautiful historic city centre along cobbled streets and past the Scottish Parliament building an amazing modern structure in this old city. 7 was a great run downhill but 8 to 9 was all up hill towards Nelsons Column. Sooooo difficult, and my legs were burning up again. I had to stride walk a little of the way to stretch them out and thought to myself that I had been running so well I must be close to the boys by now. 

I was on the last stretch from 9 to 10 and it was all down hill then flat over the finish line so i went for it my last chance to make up my speed. I ran as fast as my legs would take me and sang out loud as i was flying past many competitors on the last hurdle and crossed the line!!!!!!!!!!! I made it! I thank My Lord and James for giving me the strength and will not to give up and everyone for there support with The James Barney Foundation.

I had estimated to run the 10k in around one and half hours maximum but was thrilled to discover i had ran it under the hour. The boys did amazing too! Chris took first place followed by Ryan who had ran behind Tony all the way and then on the very last 100 meters upped his pace and shot past Tony and pipped him across the line, (very clever tactics!!!!) then Tony and Oliver and me. 

Sunday dinner was great! we all sat around the table and told our stories of the run and had a good laugh at each other. Here’s to the next challenge!