Where hope grows, miracles blossom...

Our Goal

The James Barney Foundation is here to help you make a difference to children and young adults in less fortunate situations and surroundings than yourself. Together we can make a difference and help reduce the number of young people living with these problems on a day to day basis.

Your Support

Your regular support will help others overcome daily struggles such as famine, drought, poverty, homelessness and abandonment. Be it financial donations or voulenteering your time, your efforts will help improve the quality of life and restore the hope of those that need it most.


Thank You
To all our supporters, voulenteers and everyone that's allowed us to help others over the years, we can't thank you enough and we look forward to the next adventure... 

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye out here for news of our up and coming events... 


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In memory of

James Anthony Barney

07/10/1991 - 23/02/2008

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