James Barney Childcare Centre, Melton Mowbray, UK

About This Project

The James Barney Childcare Centre is a pre-school centre that belongs to the nursery group “Early Years Nursery”. Early Years Nursery was established in January 2002 after the owner, Joy Timmins took over the former Penguin Pre-school which was previously ran by a committee for 25 years prior to the change. Early Years Nursery now operates from three different settings and provides a variety of care such as:

  • Sessional Care – morning or afternoon sessions
  • Lunch club – added onto the beginning or end of a session
  • Full day care – term time only
  • Summer play schemes
  • Children’s birthday parties

The aim of the James Barney Childcare centre is to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent involving and community-based group. The provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment for both the children and the parents, and they work within a framework using a variety of teaching methods which ensure equality and equal opportunity for all the children and families.

In 2009 The James Barney Foundation supported Early Years and invested in the Childcare centre to provide the children and there families with a new refurbished classroom with new learning facilities and to make the school a happier, brighter and fun learning environment. To commemorate this donation and the works carried out on the school, two brass plaques were unveiled in the memory in James Barney.