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How businesses can help

If you’re a business owner looking to support a charitable organisation such as The James Barney Foundation then there are a number of support options available. It may be that you hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year that all money raised goes to a charity, maybe you have an elected annual charity that you support or it could be a one off event that you hold with a fundraising target set for the event, even if it’s a case of having a donations box sat on your counter or till, each and every donation helps us continue to better the lives of others.

If your place of work appears to have the perfect spot for a donations box or are holding a fundraising event, please feel free to pass on our details. We will happily provide literature to help you raise funds, issue certificates for amounts raised at an event or over a period of time and we will of course provide the counter top donations boxes.

Please complete the form below with your business details and include any information you feel could be relevant such as whether you’d like us to send you a counter top donation box etc