Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage, Baja, Mexico

About This Project

Following the support and donations made to The Shepherd’s Fold orphanage in Baja, Mexico, we have once again been able to help with the current project of building a new section which, when completed, will house up to 96 children and young adults.


​Following the continued support and generous donations raised over the past 6 months, the James Barney Foundation has been able to donate an amazing £15,000 towards this wonderful cause. This donation will help build and introduce a two-stoery dormitory which will consist of 8 dorm rooms offering enough space to sleep almost 100 children and young people. Not only this, but it will feature 16 showers, 16 toilets and 96 closets meaning this will offer a complete personal space that many of the children will call home.


​The design of the building also allows for the option of giving every group of children a living room which is something The Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage have not had before but have always wanted. This will allow the children to have a recreational space to enable them to develop stronger relationships between themselves and even further their education by introducing a space to read and study. This would be especially beneficial to the older children meaning they were able to mix with their piers in an environment they knew was safe.


Brother Benjamin Hartlieb who is the manager for The Shepherd’s Fold wrote a letter of appreciation to the James Barney Foundation and said ” This building will be critical in enabling us to gather more children from this area and provide them with the home which they both deserve and lack.” “Our hearts break when we meet needy families and are unable to bring in the children simply because we don’t have anywhere for them to sleep. We have a book in the office which is our waiting list of families that need us, but who we are sometimes physically unable to help with our current facilities. We are eager to improve the living conditions of our dear children and to offer that help to those who are waiting for it. You have helped us do that.”


​The support of The James Barney Foundation to those children in need could not be granted without the support of all our sponsors and we would like to thank you for enabling us to continue support such great causes. This project is one we hold close to our hearts and will look at sponsoring again in the future, the work that each of the volunteered staff at The Shepherd’s Fold carry out on a daily basis they do for the hope that they can offer a positive future to the children they adopt and care for.


​​We pray that their will will continue for many years to come.