French Bike Ride 2017

French Bike Ride 2017

On the 11th of December 2011 there was a 20 mile group bike ride from Nottingham Forest Football Ground, across the Midlands to Derby County Football Club. 

Close friends and family of the foundation packed their bikes into a van and congregated at the front of the Nottingham Forest Football Club on a wet and windy Sunday morning. Departing at 11am, the group quickly found themselves up against it, particularly those that had just learned how to ride. Following the canal cycle paths, the group wound their way out of Nottinghamshire. At the half way point, Chrystal was there providing energy bars and bottles of energy drinks to refuel everyone for the second half to go into Derbyshire.

All seemed to be well until Chloe’s bike decided that it had had enough and the tyre punctured but luckly some of the team stopped to repair the tyre for her to carry on and then the peddals dropped off. Luckily, the group were made of sterner stuff and Ryan Wheal decided to give Chloe his bike so that she could carry on with the bike ride and he then picked up the long suffering bicycle and run the last three miles with it on his shoulder to get across the finish line. 

It was a tired and bedragled group that arrived at the Derby County Football Club, but one that was full of pride. Every member of the group successfully completed the entire ride and even managed a smile as they crossed the line. 

Many thanks to all of those who sponsored us, enabling us to raise just shy of £1000.