Alternatives is a pregnancy advice centre which opened in July 2009 and provides a confidential, caring and practical response to women and their partners facing an unplanned pregnancy. 
They provide free pregnancy testing and information on the different choices available so people can know the different routes they’re able to take and can come to a decision which will benefit them the most. 
Alternatives also provides help and support for those who have post-abortion concerns. 
All of the services provided are free and they offer a confidential ” safe place to talk”. 

Not only do they offer advice and help people faced with these unplanned situations, they also have a range of baby equipment and clothing, which is a resource to those who have financial difficulties. Relying on both donations and the good will of others, Alternatives is always grateful for donations of good quality baby items for us to pass on to those in need.

Services provided by Alternatives:

  •  Free pregnancy testing with immediate results 

  •  Unplanned pregnancy counseling

  •  Post-abortion counselling

  •  Free clothes and baby equipment

If you would like to make a donation of either equipment or clothes please contact Alternatives direct on 01780 765853 to make suitable arrangements. 

If you would like to make a donation, please use the donate tool and make reference to alternatives as your desired charity to sponsor.

Alternatives registered charity number : 1129379


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